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Saturday, November 01, 2008

141st A-100 Festivities

141st A-100 Flag Day - October 24, 2008

Mark Anxious Families Claire and Booyeon Christian and Syga Susie, Trishita, and Claire Mounting Anticipation Rachel and Koen Jacob Marisa and Me Mark, Logan, and Aaron Ryna, Bridget, and Wesley Doug The Flags Partying at Rock Bottom

Post-Flag Day Party at Mark's House - October 25, 2008

Morgan and Wolfgang Larry (Soon to Be PNGed) and Nick Chatting Tom and Wesley Toasting Tom Arati, Bridget, Wesley, and Me with Our Shots Ryna and a Russian Hat Bridget, Wesley, Fred, and Ryna Ryna and Me Snack Area Wesley and Masami Natalya and Me