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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anna and Aaron's Bed and Breakfast

Our summer schedule has started to pick up!

From May 8 to 13, Aaron and I went back to the US for vacation. We spent the first week in Boston with Daniel, who got married on May 12! We spent the first day there shopping for clothes at a nearby mall and managed to find a few nice suits. The rest of the week, we helped out however we could with wedding stuff - folding placecards, picking up tuxedos, and making last-minute trips to the florist and Kinko's.

The wedding was great. Daniel and Paige chose the Park Street Church right next to Boston Common for the ceremony and Hampshire House for the reception, which were both so perfect! The weather was great - not a drop of rain, not too many clouds. (Daniel, if you're reading this, I still kind of wish you had played the dance remix of the Chinese national anthem.) We spent the second week of vacation in Ohio going back and forth between Findlay and Delphos. It was nice to see the grandparents again and eat lots of good old-fashioned American food.

Right after we got back, Leslie came to visit for a few days over Memorial day weekend. She happened to be in Paris for a trip with her graduate program, so she took a side trip to Bern after they were done. It happened to be a Swiss holiday weekend as well, so there wasn't much open. It wasn't so bad - we still got to eat lots of good food and see a fair bit of Bern while she was here.

As soon as Leslie left, things at work started to get busier. We're pretty much going to be up to our ears in stuff to do at the embassy until after July 4, which is good timing since Sean will be coming to visit! Not sure what we'll do yet, but we are definitely going to take a trip to find the Brauen family bar in a village (whose names escapes me at the moment) west of Bern.

CJ will be coming in August - he's going to hit a few places in Europe, but his first and last stops will be Bern. Then my mom and one of her sisters are coming for two and a half weeks in September - and THEN Julie is coming for a bit after they leave!

All this to say: you are all welcome chez nous whenever you want - just let us know. We'll have a spare room waiting for you. But this offer is for a limited time only - we've already been here a year (it'll be exactly one year on June 23), so there's not much time left before it expires!