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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Surprise Flowers

About two weeks ago Aaron and I found a sticker from the post office on the mailboxes to our apartment building. I ignored it at first, but Aaron took a look at it. It had our names on it. We were confused; no one in Switzerland has this address for us except for the housing agent at the Embassy. We didn't think someone in the US would send us something this way because it's cheaper to do so by pouch. The name that the delivery person had written on the sender line on the German form was one that I didn't recognize, so my security alarm bells immediately went off in my head.

I took the bus to the post office the next day. I handed the ticket to the lady behind the counter. She said in German that I didn't need to pay for it since it wasn't registered, which confused me - but I suppose picking up this suspicious mystery package at no cost to me was good news. I was surprised to see a huge but light cardboard box from swissflowers.ch. I carried it home - I didn't bother hopping on the bus for one stop, but my heels kept getting stuck between the cobblestones. The label on the box didn't give me any more clues.

When I got home, I opened the box and saw orchids, my favorite flowers. I didn't immediately see a card, but I finally found it tape to the inside cover of the box. It was from Aaron's sister and her husband! Thanks, guys. They're still alive, too. I can't believe I haven't managed to kill them yet - and that Chairman Meow and Guinness haven't eaten all the ivy.

Frische Blumen/Fleurs fraîches/Fiori freschi


Saturday, August 05, 2006

July 4, 2006 at the Ambassador's Residence

During our first representational event, Aaron and I manned one of the three grills at the July 4th party at the Ambassador's Residence. There were a little under 900 people at the event, so we were busy grilling for several hours.

Yes, the scarves and suspenders were issued to us, but I think Aaron seriously thought about keeping his little outfit.

July 1 Trip to Thun

Aaron and I took a day trip to Thun with two of our colleagues from the Embassy who arrived three days before we did. Thun is twenty kilometers south of Bern, which can be anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes depending on the train. I took so many great pictures that day, but here are some of my favorites.

View of Thun and the Lake from the Stadtkirche

Sign Warning Dog Owners at the Stadtkirche

Paintings in a Gazebo Leaving Schloss Thun

Produce and Deli Markets in Thun's Altstadt

Sweet Dreams

River and Bridge in Thun

View of the Thunersee from Schloss Schadau

Please Keep Off the Grass

Schloss Schadau