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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We've arrived safely in Bern. Switzerland is wonderful!

We spent two days in New York because Aaron had a few meetings. Our anniversary dinner at Babbo was amazing. They have the longest (Italian) wine list I've ever seen. We split the garganelli with funghi trifolati as an appetizer. It was the best pasta I'd ever had. A couple of years ago, Aaron and I converted to fresh pasta. He made pasta from scratch once, and we swore we would never go back. His pasta's good, but this was perfect. I had the rabbit with Brussels sprouts, pancetta and a carrot vinaigrette; Aaron had the grilled lamb chops with eggplant in scapece and lemon yogurt. We had the 2000 Salice Salentino Selvarossa off the wine list. For dessert, Aaron had a strawberry tart with balsamic vinegar and zabaglione, and I had the gelati and sorbetti assortment. I wish I had taken pictures of all of it.

We had a little trouble getting the cats through security at JFK, but it worked out in the end. I worried about them during the whole trip. When we landed in Zürich, I asked someone at the money changing counter in German where our cats would be coming out. I was so upset - all I could understand from her very fast set of directions was the word for "door." My German fared better when we got to customs.

The drive to Bern was a pleasant hour and fifteen minutes. I was amazed, and I still continue to be amazed, at how free of litter and garbage the roads are. The buses are immaculate. Oh, and people aren't joking when they say you can set your watch to them. They are all remarkably on time, and some of the buses are equipped with GPS so you can stand at a stop and know the exact minute that it will arrive. We both have our yearly passes that allow us to travel all over Bern, and we definitely had to get over the sticker shock.

Yes, everything is expensive, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. We had the best brie we've ever tasted that cost us about $5.00. A lot of the produce is cheaper here than in the US - a plus since it'll force us to eat less processed food. My German has proven adequate enough to ask for food at restaurants and shop at the grocery store.

We had our first dinner at the Altes Tramdepot in front of the famous Bärengraben. Great food, but we accidentally spent WAY too much when I failed to see the "pro Persone" in front of the price. Oops.

I love it here. Everyone has been so nice. Bern is wonderful. We should be getting an apartment soon, and that's when the real living will begin.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last US Post

This will be my last post in the US. Aaron and I will be getting on a plane with our cats to New York, where we will stay for two nights before we leave for Zürich on Thursday evening.

As far as tying up our loose ends here, it wasn't too bad. The management officer at post even commented to Aaron that this was the smoothest and most organized move he had ever seen. I was even starting to relax and get excited a little bit. Of course, this was before June 10.

Two Saturdays ago, Aaron and I took my Saturn to three dealerships and got prices for the car. We were all set to sell it after Aaron's mom and dad got here with their car. That night, we had dinner with the Furnishes at their house. We headed toward our car at around 9:30 PM, where a drunk driver had hit it and drove off mere seconds before. Thanks to two witnesses that identified the woman, the police tracked her down and arrested her. The car is still being repaired, but Bill has generously offered to sell it for us before he leaves for his post next month. Thank goodness for powers of attorney and for Bill.

I can't even get excited about New York yet. Aaron and I will be there for our third anniversary and are having dinner at Babbo, but I can't stop worrying about the car and the cats getting on the plane. I don't think I'll feel better about this whole thing until we successfully get on the plane to Switzerland.

Time to sign off. Next time I post, I'll be in die Schweiz/en Suisse/in Svizzera!