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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy Weekend

Aaron and I finally took Chairman Meow and Guinness to the vet for their checkups. To import them into Switzerland, they have to have an international health certificate that swears they've been vaccinated against various nasty pet illnesses. We found out that they both are in perfect health - except for their ears. I had noticed that they were scratching their ears a lot, and it turns out that they both have pretty bad ear infections. The vet prescribed some ear drops that we have to apply to both cats' ears twice a day. Aaron has gotten pretty good at trapping them with a bath towel and making a kitty burrito. I drop the medicine into their ears while he holds them down. Chairman Meow has gotten wise to the whole thing; as soon as she sees the blue towel, she heads for the hills. Guinness tries to get away, but her way of escaping is by hiding behind the toilet in our bathroom. She makes it really easy for us to catch her.

We went to a gumbo and croquet party in Bethesda after the trip to the vet. Karen, who hosted the party in her house with her husband, is the aunt of one of our best friends. Kelcy has always talked about how great her aunt is, and every word of it is true. Her aunt is such a cool person. It's too bad we didn't hang out with her more before our trip out.

Kelcy's Aunt Karen

Sunday was spent at the Baltimore Aquarium with David, Taly, and their two kids. I couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was when we got there. Yasmin, their seven-year-old daughter, was eager to score a purple dragon paddleboat for us. Good thing we got there early - they were all out after fifteen minutes.

Dragon Paddleboats at the Port of Baltimore
Paddling with David and Yasmin


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