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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Peak of the Cherry Blossoms

Aaron and I got up at the crack of dawn and were at the Tidal Basin by 8:00 AM. I was surprised to see a lot of people there at that hour, but the Metro ride to Smithsonian was very reasonable - our car was relatively empty. It was overcast and even rainy for a while, but it didn't spoil it for us. The cherry blossoms were magnificent.

pretty yellow flower

inside view of flower

There was a small garden near the main grounds that was swarming with nature photographers and amateurs like me snapping pictures of the non-cherry blossom flowers.

I was in an artsy mood, so I played around with the custom color settings a bit to select what colors would be photographed. Not too bad for an untrained beginner, right?

Pink Highlights on Black and White I

Pink Highlights on Black and White II

I tried to select the pink from the blossoms, but it was kind of hard due to the lightness of the shade. Some of my pictures came out as black and white (which was still cool, but not the effect I wanted). I think the ones in green turned out a little better.

Green Highlights on Black and White I

Green Highlights on Black and White II

I was surprised that people in such numbers could cooperate and not shove each other around the edge of the Tidal Basin. It was hard to not be nervous as I balanced myself precariously on the edge of the concrete while praying that the crowd wouldn't push me in the water. I have no idea how deep that water is - and no, I can't swim, so I was extra careful.

Blossoms over the Water


Looking Up into the Branches

It took us about two hours to do the walk from Smithsonian Metro to all the way around the Tidal Basin and back. The sun came out as soon as we completed our circle. It wasn't a total loss as the flowers were beautiful without the sun, but the sun helped bring out the vibrancy in the blossoms.

Washington Monument over the Cherry Blossoms

The last time we were at the Tidal Basin, we stopped by the Jefferson Memorial. This time we visited the FDR Memorial. I was skeptical, but there was definitely a giant dog statue there.

FDR and His Dog

My favorite part of the memorial was this citation.

We passed by the US Department of Agriculture on the way back to the Metro stop. Aaron pretended he didn't know me while I took this picture of the flag whipping in the breeze. I just had to take it, though. How can I better honor and thank the women and men that provide me with delicious, high-quality meat products every day? Now that's Grade A photography! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Flag at the USDA

I was proud of myself and my little Canon SD400 Powershot. I think some of my pictures were pretty good. Sure, I'm no professional, but I think I was having a good photography day.


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