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Monday, March 27, 2006

Tai Shan Scratching an Itch

Before our trip to the National Mall, we went to the National Zoo to see the animals, among them being the famous baby Tai Shan. We reserved the tickets two months ago, and he was worth the wait. He was very excited about all the attention and wowed us with tricks up on his tree branch.

I wasn't prepared for how spread out the zoo was. The Houston Zoo is pretty confined, so one could walk through the whole zoo and not fall over from a heart attack - or maybe I just need to work out.

I got to see my favorite zoo animals, the golden lion tamarins. One of the tamarins gave birth to some babies last month, so there were two babies sitting high up on a branch grooming one another. One of them started to dance, and Aaron managed to get a hilarious video of it shuffling around awkwardly.


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